This Month in Zodiac: Pisces

The zodiac sign from February 19-March 20 is Pisces. This constellation’s name comes from the Latin word for fish. According to Greek mythology, two fish called Ichthyes help the goddess Aphrodite and her son Eros escape from the monster Typhon after he descends upon Mount Olympus. In another version of the legend, Aphrodite and Eros turn into fish to swim away to safety. In both stories, the fish decide to tie their tails together so they will not get separated. After Zeus kills Typhon, Aphrodite honors the two fish by placing them into the sky as Pisces.

Another later version of the myth is that after Aphrodite was born from sea foam, two fish-tailed sea-centaurs, Aphros and Bythos, brought her to shore.

Here’s how to find the Pisces constellation in the Northeast night sky with three steps:

  1. Find the Great Square of Pegasus
  2. Locate the Circlet of Pisces, which is the head of the western fish. The circlet is a ring of stars south of the Square of Pegasus
  3. Look upward toward the east to find the other fish. The constellation makes a V.

This constellation is very dim and best viewed in November and December.


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