This Month In Zodiac: Aires

Aries, Latin for “ram,” is the zodiac sign from March 21-April 19. In Greek mythology it is said that King Athamas married the cloud nymph Nephele and had twins Phyrixus and Helle. King Athamas then fell in love with Ino and left his nymph wife. Ino became jealous of Phyrixus and Helle and plotted their deaths. Right before Phyrixus and Helle were about to be killed, they were saved by the winged golden ram Aries, sent by their cloud nymph mother, to carry them to safety. Helle fell of the ram, but Phyrixus survived the journey to safety. To thank Aries, Phyrixus sacrificed the ram to Zeus, who placed the ram in the sky to be forever remembered.

How to find the constellation Aries in three steps:

  1. Locate the North star and draw a line through Cassiopeia all the way to the Great Square of Pegasus.
  2. Look halfway between the Pleiades and the Great Square of Pegasus.
  3. The crooked line of three bright stars is Aries                                                                          

** Note: the constellation is very dim and best viewed in November and December

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