The Most Magical Place on Earth

Recently, I had the incredible opportunity to visit Disney World in Orlando for the very first time! People always talk about Disney as “the most magical place on Earth,” but going as a senior in high school allowed me to understand some of the science behind that magic, which made me appreciate it even more. Everywhere I went there were elements of STEM and even space!

Space Mountain

The first space-themed attraction I saw was of course the classic Space Mountain in Tomorrowland! I loved seeing all the futuristic ideas in that section of the park. The ride itself was thrilling— I got to ride in a tiny rocket car through complete darkness punctuated only by tiny “stars”. It really felt like I was soaring through space!

“Rocket Air Mail” at Universal

We went to Universal the next day (I know, not really Disney) and I stumbled upon this random rocket! I loved this because there was no purpose or value to it— it was just there in the middle of the park, a subtle reminder of the stars.

Mission Space

Finally, I had to try Mission Space! My friend and I sprinted there to get on right before Epcot closed for the night. It simulates a rocket launch to Mars. I want to be an astronaut, so I went crazy on that ride. I would have done it twenty times just to feel the power and awe of the launch. I love how this attraction incorporated some of the history of space travel with an incredible ride!

Disney does a wonderful job of mixing science with an unforgettable experience. Can you imagine the day when space-themed rides will actually take place in space? Just given the excitement of even earth-bound rides, I can’t wait for Disney of the future!

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