So Much Space Deep in the Heart of Texas

7:00 PM March 29th – 9:30 AM March 31st. Those 38 hours were possibly the most packed, fun, and information filled of my life. After landing and nearly getting lost in the Dallas airport, I met up with a few of the ambassadors who I would be driving with to the 3 Rivers Foundation. Although I hadn’t seen them since the first time we met in October, it felt like we had been friends for years. The fact that we were all different ages, lived in different states, or came from different backgrounds didn’t matter. We were all there with the same passion and mindset.

Ambassadors on a map of the moon donated by Andy Aldrin (Buzz Aldrin’s son!)

If I gave a detailed overview of every hour, this post would be extremely long and couldn’t even come close to capturing the magic that we experienced, so I’ll leave the specifics for future videos and posts. This short trip really had so much planned out for us: pizza ovens, telescopes, astronomy lessons, bunk houses, high winds, chuck wagon meals, nature trails, ballistic lessons, a Ron Parker Cedar dedication, rocket building, cabin dedication, live music, rocket launching, and a couple of van rides. Some things were more spontaneous such as the storytelling, hanging out on the moon, graceful dancing, 4:30 am runs (thanks Chris), and jam sessions in the car. In addition, there were countless volunteers that were there teaching us all much astronomy, rocketry, and even Texas nature.

Views from 3RF

What really made this trip impactful and extraordinary, however, was the joy of being surrounded by passionate, like-minded people. Even though the ambassador age range is 13-18, we all have similar goals and our conversations were constantly filled with exciting developments either in our lives or in the world. Regardless of the field anyone is entering, the most valuable thing I can think of is finding people who are headed in that direction that are just as passionate as you. Back to Space has done just that by creating a tight-knit group of students who are all optimistic and eager about the future and are ready to share with the world the excitement of the space program. If you don’t understand the enthusiasm I’m talking about, follow the Ambassadors page, subscribe to our blog at the top of this page, and get in contact so we can share this comradery in STEM and space exploration. There is a spot for EVERYONE in these fields!

The Back to Space Seniors

All the Student Ambassadors want to give a huge thank you to all the volunteers at 3RF and DARS (Dallas Area Rocket Society) for passing the torch of their respective fields! We had an incredible time and are excited to share our stories of this amazing weekend!

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