4×8 Lunar Landscape Paver


You & your family can help fund, and create a permanent mark on the iconic Lunar Landscape. Purchase a paver brick, personalized with your name, a loved one, your family, brand, business, in memory of, or in honor of. These pavers will enhance and surround the Moon Tree now growing on the Lunar Landscape facility.   

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Personalized Moon Tree Park Brick at The Lunar Landscape Experience 

Back To Space is building a park around our historic moon tree at The Lunar Landscape Experience in Jacksboro, Texas. Make sure you & your family have your mark on the iconic Lunar Landscape that will last a lifetime. Order an engraved brick paver including your name, a loved one, your family, brand, business, in memory of, or in honor of. This can be as personalized as you would like, given the character space and additional cost for images. 

Use the form above to include the text you would like on your brick. This can be 3 lines with a maximum of 25 characters per line. If you would like a standard image, please choose by using the drop-down selection. If you would like a personalized image, please choose image type as “personalized image.” Send us your image to sales@backtospace.com once you have checked out. This image needs to be a black and white outlined, simple, clean, vector image. It will be subject to additional charges if it requires extra time to get the image ready for engraving.  

Once your brick has been purchased, you will receive a downloadable gift certificate. Use this to print and add to stockings, Christmas cards, birthdays or other special events. Your receipt number will be used to locate the brick on the physical site of the Lunar Landscape Experience, so please make sure to include it on the gift certificate.  

More about the Moon Tree

Before joining the Air Force, Stuart Roosa had worked as a U.S. Forest Service smoke-jumper where he developed his passion for trees. When selected for the Apollo 14 mission, Roosa was allowed to carry approximately 500 tree seeds with him into space. We will be planting a first generation sycamore from one of those seeds that went to the moon on Apollo 14. 

More about the Lunar Landscape Experience

  • Guinness World Record sized, explorable map of the Moon 
  • A physical experience that has never been created here on earth that only Apollo astronauts have ever encountered 
  • State of the art virtual reality & augmented reality with educational & gameplay components 
  • Lunar gravity simulator 
  • Special events with lodging & dining 

The Lunar Landscape Experience will be located at Lake Jacksboro. The main building will be over an acre. This map will be produced on a concrete pad. This Lunar Landscape will be an open roof facility. This is designed to eventually host rocket launches from outside of the building – landing on the moon. 

Surrounding the moon area, there will be a high-tech facility. Imagine this, you enter into the facility. As you walk out to the moon, you will go through a series of rocket simulations to replicate the journey to the moon with the use of lights, sounds, and virtual reality. Additionally, the high-tech facility will include educational & gameplay components, and gravity simulation that will be constantly changing and updated. Once you step on the moon, there are augmented reality and virtual reality on the surface. You will be able to see rovers and astronauts, so you can truly understand the history of life on the moon.  

This is just the beginning of the Lunar Landscape. Not only will it be a Guinness record, we have plans that will expand to a true experience for all age groups, hosting concerts, special events, weddings, honeymoons (pun intended), camps, a destination for world travelers. Our universe is limitless. 

WHY JACKSBORO? Have you seen the skies in Jacksboro? They are clear and beautiful. Less air traffic for rocket launches. Less than 2 hours away from many large cities and travelers. Intersection of 4 major highways. Land with views. Community support.  

WHAT WE ARE AND WHAT WE AREN’T? We are building an experience, a destination, and an interactive educational museum. We are concrete and walls, but our fluidity and appeal will ultimately be software and virtual reality, which can, and will be updated regularly. The universe is our limit because we will constantly evolve. 

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