The Mission

A space module is being designed and built to hold eight crew members. Based on the goals of the project, the crew will consist of multiple Apollo astronauts, the host of the TV show (Danielle Roosa), and potentially multiple student STEM competition winners.

Over the course of the Back To Space effort, it became clear that the Apollo astronauts are interested in this effort being a “meaningful mission”. Back To Space took this to heart and visited with NASA as well as strategized with the astronauts. At this point, BTS has determined two main goals while at the edge of space.

  1. While the crew is at the edge of space, the Apollo astronauts will demonstrate LaserComm, a new NASA technology that will make high-speed optical data transmission possible. They will live stream (using LaserComm) into classrooms worldwide in the hopes to reinvigorate an interest in STEM 
  2. Student participation. Students around the nation (and possibly the world) will engage in a STEM contest. Students will create a scientific experiment that will be performed while at the edge of space. The other experiments will be selected from the proposals made during the Fall 2018 school semester.


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