Lunar Landscape

Back to Space is bringing the moon to Texas! We are creating the world’s largest map - a scale model of the moon in Jacksboro, Texas.  A Guinness scale project, the Lunar Landscape Experience will have an explorable map, virtual and augmented reality, software that will see regular updates and a lunar gravity simulator with a timed obstacle course. The back to space team is also developing a printer for reproducing the landscape in what will become a Guinness scale print!


The LLE will capture the minds and imagination of every guest who walks on this historic lunar map. With the busloads of kids, we will appeal to the A+ students in the class, as well as the students who had no interest in space before their visit. At Back To Space, our mission is to inspire. With the multiple different phases of this project, we will create a life-changing experience that will engage all the human senses. Communicating the story of the Apollo mission, the shuttle mission, and what the space program means to America’s DNA, will help each visitor imagine themselves and their involvement in the FUTURE of science, engineering and space exploration.

Personalized Moon Tree Park Brick at The Lunar Landscape Experience

You & your family can help fund, and create a permanent mark on the iconic Lunar Landscape. Purchase a paver brick, personalized with your name, a loved one, your family, brand, business, in memory of, or in honor of. These pavers will enhance and surround the Moon Tree now growing on the Lunar Landscape facility. Click below to learn more.




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