Lunar Landscape Experience

Experience The Moon On Earth

Back to Space is lighting the spark all around the world with a captivating facility designed to fuel innovation and out-of-this-world experiences!

The Lunar Landscape Experience will have:

  • The world’s largest explorable map which can be experienced with virtual and augmented reality. This scale model of the moon is a 60,000 square feet, Guinness Book of World Records scale project.
  • Lunar gravity experience challenges at 1/6th gravity
  • Stage designed to be one of the most sophisticated in the world
  • Interactive game room which will be designed and coded by students
  • Open-air dome with the ability to view the beautiful skies and designed to host rocket launches from outside of the building – landing on the moon

The main building will be just under two acres with the map of the moon at its center and a high-tech facility surrounding the moon under the dome. Imagine this, you enter into the facility, and are engulfed in lights, sounds, and virtual reality simulating a rocket landing on the moon. Once you step on the moon, augmented reality enables you to see lunar features, landing sites, rovers, astronauts, and much more to truly understand the lunar topography and historic human touchpoints. Inside the facility, you can explore all the interactive games, gravity simulator, educational components, a one-of-a-kind restaurant, high tech stage, and high-tech adventure. This is just the beginning of the Lunar Landscape Experience. Not only will it be a Guinness record that will constantly have new exhibits and fresh new gaming components, but it will continuously implement updates that will maintain its status as an international destination and inspirational experience for all age groups and world travelers. The Back to Space universe is limitless.

Come be a part of the many Lunar Landscape Experience events hosted at our facility:

  • Major Concerts
  • International/National Corporate and Philanthropic Events
  • Model Rocket Competitions
  • Astronomy and Programming Camps
  • Harvest Moon, Blue Moon, and Eclipse Festivals
  • Weddings and Honeymoon

Lunar Landscape Experience is located in Jacksboro, Texas which is North-West of Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. It is the intersection of 6 major highways, within 1-2 hours of 8 million+ population, international airports, 3,000+ schools, and 1.7 million+ students. The skies are ideal for star-viewing and rocket launches due to the lack of light pollution and air traffic.

Located on the site, you will find:

  • Model rocket launchpad
  • Moon tree park
  • Trail the size of the circumference of the earth in relation to the moon
  • Lake-side lodging
  • Lake-view, best-in-class restaurant

The Lunar Landscape Experience will capture the minds and imagination of every guest who visits this extraordinary facility. Our objective is to inspire every student from the science and physics buffs to lighting a spark in students who had no prior interest in space before their visit. In addition, we are building a “go-to” facility that will launch awareness and focus from decision-makers, taxpayers, and educators. We will create a life-changing experience by engaging all the human senses, as well as re-creating the experience of the Apollo missions, the shuttle missions, and the deep-seated impact of the space program to America’s DNA. Each visitor will imagine themselves and their involvement in the future of science, engineering, virtual reality, and space exploration.  And for those with no inclination for the sciences and engineering, the Lunar Landscape Experience will become a #1 destination for music, arts, corporate and philanthropic events, as well as international and interplanetary festivals.

The target opening for this facility is Q1 of 2022. Please follow us on social media and continue to visit our page for timeline and progress updates.

Personalized Moon Tree Park Brick at The Lunar Landscape Experience

You & your family can help fund, and create a permanent mark on the iconic Lunar Landscape. Purchase a paver brick, personalized with your name, a loved one, your family, brand, business, in memory of, or in honor of. These pavers will enhance and surround the Moon Tree now growing on the Lunar Landscape facility. Click below to learn more.




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