Look to the Stars

“It’s such a beautiful thing to see!” I told myself after each breathtaking view of the starry night through the telescopes at 3 Rivers Foundation. I’m pretty sure that’s what all of the other ambassadors there also thought. March 29th will probably be one of the most significant moments of my life due to all of the magnificent sights I saw.

A photo taken at 3 Rivers Foundation

I never imagined that I would see all of the stars I saw that night all at once. It was overwhelming! The amount of information I learned about astronomy in that one night was more than I had been exposed to in my entire life. Not to mention the number of stars I witnessed appear throughout the night! I had the opportunity to see the Milky Way, Mars, two nebulae colliding, Sirius, the North Star and many others. Seeing all those stars made me realize that there is so much more to the night sky than the Moon and few stars I am able to see where I live.

I was extremely difficult for me to have leave that place knowing that I’ll never know when I’ll see so many incredible stars at once again, but those memories of the stars will always allow me feel as though I’m reliving that moment in life. I will never forget all of those people who helped us get there and will be eternally grateful to them for all they did for me that night!

Post by Gavin Syas

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