Countdown to the Apollo 11 50th Anniversary Gala

We are
officially less than a month away from the 50th anniversary of the
launch of Apollo 11. You might remember it… the one that put Americans on the
moon. It was on July 16th, 1969 at the time of 9:32:00 that the massive
Saturn V rocket launched from Cape Canaveral with Neil Armstrong and Buzz
Aldrin on top. Viewed in person by around a million people – with millions more
tuning in via TV and radio around the world –, this launch was a spectacular display
of mankind’s capability, grit, and heroic effort to achieve the unimaginable.
50 years later, the world is still in awe of the Apollo missions’ triumphs.

So, to commemorate this historic, monumental event, the Kennedy Space Center is hosting a gala on July 16th inviting many astronauts, CEOs, and the leaders of space exploration from all around the country. Thanks to our incredible sponsors, your Back to Space Ambassadors have the honor to attend this spectacular event!

From the Kennedy Space Center webpage

            The age range of the ambassadors is 13-18
years old. The oldest of us are preceded by the Apollo 11 launch by 32 years.
Why are a group of teenagers still inspired by an event that had the technological
capabilities less than that of your average smartphone? If you really don’t
know the answer, you’re missing out on the most exciting things going on in our
world today!

As we countdown to July 16th, we will be keeping you up to tabs on all the exciting developments of the gala as well as reemphasizing the importance the Apollo 11 mission had on an international level. So follow us on all of our social media platforms, and let us know what you want to see from the gala!

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