Student Ambassador Code of Conduct

As a Student Ambassador, your responsibility is to inspire your generation to lead humankind back to space exploration and beyond.  This is the Mission of Back to Space and the Student Ambassadors.  No one is to put his or her personal goals above those of the Mission.  As the Mission advances, we will all individually advance.  People will judge the Mission by how we behave, and that includes our personal lives.  Accordingly, here is our Code of Conduct.

Language:  We know that our words (verbal, written, or electronic) are a reflection of who we are and therefore we choose words that build up; never tear down.  We never belittle, make fun of, insult, or put down a fellow human being for their sexuality, political views, religion, ideas, gender, or race.  We recognize that foul language is unnecessary and therefore choose not to use it.

Courtesy: We treat everyone with respect and honor, just as we wish to be treated.  We recognize that everyone has different views, ideas, and opinions and that is what makes them valuable.  We use our different approaches to make the Back to Space Mission stronger as a whole.  We seek first to understand, then to be understood.

Body:  Our bodies could be some of the next to explore space!  For that reason, it is imperative that we treat them with care and respect.  We put things into our bodies and engage in activities that will make them stronger; not harm them.  Due to both the physical and legal ramifications associated with their use, we avoid illegal substances as well as the improper use of alcohol.

Dress:  We dress for the job we want to have; that is, tastefully, professionally, and befitting to the occasion.

Commercialization:  We do not look to personally profit ourselves or our families at the expense of Back to Space or the Mission.

Our Word:  When we commit to a task, we complete the task within the time period promised.  We keep our promises.  If we are not going to keep our promise, we do not make it.

Leadership:  We understand that the only basis for authority is leadership, and leadership comes from inspiration.  We strive, through our behavior, to be the sort of person others would like to follow.  Excellent leaders exemplify not only the behaviors and rules discussed in the Code, but also kindness, humility, respect, courage, empowerment, and commitment.

Association:  We kindly confront fellow Ambassadors who may violate this Code of Conduct.  We are a team and hold each other accountable to this higher standard.  We do not associate with others who may violate this Code of Conduct, even if they are not Student Ambassadors, as we know we become those with whom we associate.

General:  As a general rule, when wondering if an action is appropriate, we should consider whether we would be happy to see our action as the headline news story.  In everything we do, we hold ourselves to a higher standard than the general population.




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