Mark Victor Hansen is a celebrity speaker, author, and co-creator of Chicken Soup for the Soul series, with a billion dollars in sales. A prolific writer, international speaker, and business strategist, Mr. Hansen holds two Guinness Book records for selling over five hundred million books.  Mark has spoken in seventy- eight countries around the world to over 5 million people, live. Having appeared on over 5000 major TV and radio shows like Fox, CNN, and Oprah, Mark Victor serves on multiple boards of innovative companies.  Mark is a transformational trainer that creates breakthroughs in mere moments. Known as “America’s Ambassador of Possibility”, Mark travels the world empowering top entrepreneurs, enterprises and professionals to create enlightened alliances that make money while making a difference.

He is also a principal, founding owner of Natural Power Concepts headquartered in Oahu, Hawaii, Chairman and Co-founder of Hansen Business Partners International (HBPI China). Mr. Hansen has a vast network of business colleagues, scholarship assets and media resources that help Back To Space management and Group 1 Ambassadors accomplish a wide array of objectives. He is a valuable partner in providing project and business development oversight, marketing expertise and national and international strategic connections.


Alyse Holstein founded hpg partners in 2006 in London, England, focusing initially on film and television financing. Now based in New York State, hpg partners provides sector-agnostic strategic consulting services globally.  hpg focuses on b2b introductions and connects early to later-stage companies to funding and revenue sources in order to create successful financial and strategic outcomes that can change people’s lives.

Alyse has a Master’s degree in Social Work from the University of Maryland and maintains her LCSW license.  She also has 15 years of financial services experience and has received several national awards from the insurance industry. She co-owned a financial planning and investment advisory company that served 2,000 individual and institutional clients.  Her company was approached and ultimately acquired by Lincoln Financial Group.

Today, hpg partners engages in strategic marketing, client referrals and business connections in support of all facets of business development. hpg fosters strategic partnerships, funding connections and new business relationships for clients. Alyse is a visionary and trusted leader who stimulates colleagues and clients and displays integrity in all business and personal endeavors. Undaunted by challenges, she builds strong enduring business relationships to maximize opportunities for future growth and profitability. Among her contracted clients are companies involved in VR/AR, technology, alternative energy, medical devices, biotechnology, telecommunications, and retail and consumer sectors.

Alyse’s drive to make connections is evident in her philanthropic work. A number of entrepreneurs have gotten a jump start because Alyse took an interest—coaching, making introductions and encouraging them to spread their wings.   She has been recognized for her involvement in the areas of education, domestic violence, poverty and the advancement of women, minorities and veterans.  Alyse has served on the Board of Overseers for Emerson College, and been involved in Syracuse University, Connecticut College and Manlius Pebble Hill School.  She is active in a variety of civic groups including the WISE Women’s Business Center, the American Heart Association and United Way.

A homework assignment in the fourth grade sparked Alyse’s curiosity about space.  Writing that paper, she gazed upward and wondered—what’s out there?  From that start, and throughout her life, at the core of Alyse’s wide ranging work is a passion for important questions and a capacity to think with a systems perspective.  Now her early interest in space is linked to her business and philanthropic endeavors.  She’s still interested in what’s out there and how our discoveries can benefit life on earth. New ideas spark her thinking and fuel her drive to foster growth and connections in everything she touches.


Carl Dickerson is the quintessential example of the American rags to riches story.  Starting from a shanty in rural Pennsylvania, Mr. Dickerson paved his way to become one of the most respected men in American business. He has worked in healthcare, employee benefits, professional sports, education, entertainment and entrepreneurial investing.

Carl served four years as an educator in both high school and college. In 1965, he formed Dickerson Employee Benefits, now one of the most successful privately held employee benefits entities in the US.  He has served as a distinguished member on dozens of Boards, including: Town Hall, Anthem Blue Cross, Black Business Association, Lincoln University and Teladoc.

A complete list of Mr. Dickerson’s awards and commendations would take several pages of single-spaced twelve-point font.  Amongst them are:

  • The Human Dignity Award,
  • Town Hall Community Builder,
  • California Senate Business Entrepreneur Award 2008
  • Boy Scouts of America, Pathfinder District, Appreciation Award
  • Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity – Man of Year Award 2008
  • Crenshaw Christian Center, Lifetime Achievement Award


Erik Simons has been a serial internet entrepreneur for more than 14 years, beginning his internet career by pioneering online affiliate marketing networks for the gaming industry and providing performance-based advertising solutions that are still in use today. Simons has founded multiple internet companies around the globe, establishing software development companies in Eastern Europe and the Baltic regions.

In the late 1990’s, Simons created software platforms aimed at leveraging the rapid growth and importance of internet search. Using his performance- based solutions, Mr. Simons generated several hundred million dollars in revenues for well- known advertisers such as BestBuy,, eEbay, Travelocity, Walmart, Disney, Barnes & Noble, NBC, AT&T, Circuit city, DirectTV and many more. Simons also founded Carmercial in (1997), which has become the automotive industry’s leading provider of innovative video advertising solutions, today serving all major automobile manufacturers.

Simons’ entrepreneurial success earned the request of the European Union (EU) Government Agencies to serve as an advisor on IT issues related to the accession of former Eastern Block countries to the EU. In this role, Simons established training programs for IT staff at Nuclear Power plant facilities in Latvia and also helped shape several IT courses at the University of Riga. In addition, through his development office in Seoul, Simons created a software platform which allowed South Koreans to navigate the web in their own native language for the first time.

Most recently, Simons invented platforms for the optimization and distribution of web video for USOnetworks, which he co-founded with entrepreneur John Ferber. USOnetworks was the foundation for Bidtellect, a leading platform in native advertising and also a basis for the creation of, an internet-based, charity-driven, crowd-funding site which aims to directly connect donors with those in need.

Simons continues to work towards building the future of advanced programming, specifically with a keen interest in M-commerce, developing interactive mobile systems including reverse auctions and integrated financial technology solutions, like Xendoo.

Simons has a personal passion for aviation. When he is not pushing a development team to the furthest edges of technology he is pushing his high G capable aerobatic Extra 300 to the limits during his aerobatic routines.

Senior Consultant

Jim served as the President and Chief Executive Officer of 7-Eleven Inc. from May 2000 to November 11, 2005. He served as an Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of 7-Eleven Inc from May 1998 to April 2000. He also served as the Chief Financial Officer of 7-Eleven Inc. from May 1996 to April 1998 and in various other capacities since 1985. He helped 7-Eleven Inc., to achieve 36 consecutive quarters of same-store sales increases. Prior to 7-Eleven, he held various field and headquarters positions in a five-year tenure with Gulf Oil Corporation. He joined CITGO Petroleum in 1985. He was the founder of the Education is Freedom Foundation. He serves as Chairman of the Board of Key Development, LLC. Mr. Keyes serves as a Member of Board of Overseers of Columbia Business School. He serves as Director of Southern Methodist University - Edwin L. Cox School of Business. He serves as a Director of the American Red Cross. He has been a Director of Murphy USA Inc. since August 2013. He serves as Member of Advisory Board of Americas Strategic Alliances, L.L.C. Mr. Keyes serves on numerous civic boards, including the national board of governors of the American Red Cross, the Dallas Center for Performing Arts, The Dallas Symphony Association, the Cooper Institute, the SMU/Cox School of Business and the Dallas Education Foundation. He served as a Director of BB Liquidating Inc. (formerly Blockbuster) from July 2, 2007 to May 6, 2011. He received the Horatio Alger Award in 2005. Mr. Keyes earned an M.B.A. from Columbia University and graduated cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa with a Bachelors degree from the College of the Holy Cross in Massachusetts.


David G. Luther, Jr. is Of Counsel at the global law firm of K & L Gates LLP (formerly Hughes & Luce LLP in Texas), where he has practiced in the corporate and securities areas since 1976.  He has extensive experience in mergers and acquisitions and corporate governance, and he also works with emerging growth and venture capital companies.  Mr. Luther graduated summa cum laude from Duke University and received his law degree cum laude from the Stanford Law School, where he was the Book Review Editor of the Stanford Law Review and an Editor of the Stanford Journal of International Studies.  He has been recognized as a Texas Super Lawyer by Law and Politics Magazine and Texas Monthly each year from 2003 through 2015 and named one of the Best Lawyers in America from 2009 through 2018.  He is an alumnus of the Dallas Business Council of the Arts and is active in a variety of Dallas civic groups, currently including board positions for Theatre Three, the Dallas All Sports Association, and the Dallas County Coalition of Community Justice Agencies.  He also currently serves on the Legal Committee for the Perot Museum of Nature and Science and on the Campaign Advisory Board for the American Journey Experience, an American history museum in the planning stages to be located in North Texas.  In addition, he was on the search committee for the new Executive Director of Dallas’ Friends of Fair Park.  Mr. Luther is an Eagle Scout and is proud of his two children and six step-children.


Maciej Maga is one of the best-known portrait artists of our time.  Born and raised in Soviet Poland, Maga escaped to the west in the early 1980s, where he was embraced in Europe and the United States.  Maga has painted over a thousand portraits including Pope John Paul, Ronald Reagan, Chuck Norris and Apollo astronauts Buzz Aldrin, Walter Cunningham, Charlie Duke and Alfred Worden.  Maga’s works have been featured alongside those of David Hockney and Pablo Picasso in private collections and museums throughout Europe.

As a teen in Poland, Maga spent his days exploring art museums and received his formal education at the prestigious Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow.  Like many, Maciej has long held a fascination for space, and theApollo era astronauts.  He recently completed an Apollo 7 charcoal that he donated to the Frontiers of Flight Museum, and an charcoal of the three primary Back To Space astronauts, owned by a private donor.  Maga is currently working on a major Apollo painting, slated to be unveiled in 2019.


Patrick provides Fractional CXO services, consulting and guidance for several companies, including as COO & CTO & New Media Vanguard at WhichBox Media, Board of Advisors & Fractional CTO at KraftWurx, Digital Factory, and as Fractional CEO at Lettuce Evolve.  From 2014 to 2016 he served as SVP of Strategic Technology & Content at Ole Media & Ole Cloud Asia building OTT platforms in the Philippines and Mexico.  Prior to that he provided Private Equity technical diligence at Pepperwood Partners as Chief Technology Advisor from 2010 to 2013.  Patrick also served as COO and Chief Strategy Officer at Cinsay, as well as CTO for Deer Channel, and  He served as the (volunteer) CEO and co-founder of the National RFID center from 2004-2005.  Prior to that he was CEO and founder at Timberwolf Press, a spinoff of work done at Yahoo! Broadcast (formerly AudioNet and later, as Mark Cuban’s first employee and Director of Technology, VP of International Development and on the Board of Directors of Japan.  Prior to that, Patrick served in various corporate IT roles at JCPenney, LTV Missiles & Electronics, Babcock & Wilcox and Teledyne Geotech.  Patrick earned a B.S. in Applied Mathematics from the University of Texas at Dallas where he currently serves on the Board of Advisors of the School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics.  Patrick cowrote the first major book on Internet broadcasting, Website Sound, the science fiction novel Accipiter War, and edited many other books as well as voice-acted in many full cast audio dramas while he was the Publisher at Timberwolf Press.


Tobin Trevarthen is the Founder and Chief Narrative Officer of Spatial Shift, LLC. He is co-author of Narrative Generation, a book focusing on the significance of narrative in a world fueled by digital disruption. His background represents a consistent thread of road less traveled revenue creation and innovation that spans Fortune 100 and Silicon Valley startups.

Toby is responsible for inventing a narrative design process - Designing for Narrative Whitespace™ that has been deployed on a global level for companies and foundations who are looking to accelerate their growth, through cultural, organizational and executional alignment.

Toby’s Silicon Valley start up experience includes executive roles at AllAdvantage, Aha Radio (acquired by Harman Corporation), Everloop and Anchor Intelligence (acquired by Comscore). He is a co-founder in Drive Time Metrics (a connected car analytics company) and a partner in Kitchen Collective (a unique urban cooking club based in Napa).  He also advises for several early stage startups in the Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality and Next Gen content curation space.

Toby’s corporate background pioneered the era of selling integrated media assets to Global 500 companies.  He led corporate sales and business development teams that sold over $1B in marketing programs at Gannett, Meredith, Time Warner and AOL over a 14 year period.  He sold many “industry firsts” ranging from the first sponsor of the Heisman Trophy to the first Interactive Game with Mark Burnett on AOL - Goldrush to the first live broadcast on AOL - Live Aid to the first globally integrated AOL TWX deal with Toyota - Music Goes Global. He also led an “industry first” in-vehicle interactive advertising effort while in the connected car space with Quiznos while at Aha Radio in 2013.




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