5 Foods to Celebrate the Moon Landing

This July is the 50th anniversary of the first time we landed on the moon, and it seems like everyone is celebrating one of mankind’s greatest achievements! Whether it includes honoring the anniversary at an event (like the Kennedy Space Center Gala– that’s where we were!) or at home watching that famous clip of Neil Armstrong stepping on the moon for the first time, you’ll need some good space-themed snacks. Here are five foods to celebrate! 

#1: Oreos

It seems like every time you make a trip to Target there’s a new flavor of Oreos on the shelves, but here’s one that’s specifically space-themed– Oreo Marshmallow Moon cookies! Each cookie has a space-themed design on top and purple marshmallow filling, and the packages glow in the dark. These are limited-addition, so make sure to grab some soon.Perfect for any celebration bonfires or just to enjoy by yourself, because trust us, they’re addictive.

image caption: Ambassador Bella Roberts loved the new donuts– patch not included! (But you can get a super cool Back to Space patch on our website!)

#2: Krispy Kreme

On June 17th, Krispy Kreme Doughnut Corporation announced their new “Original Filled” donut, which you could get for free! If you missed it, though, not to fear– the Original Filled donut is part of their menu now and has two filling flavors, chocolate and “classic,” whatever that is. It may be a mystery, but it’s delicious! Get a dozen of these to share or a few just for you.

#3: Moon Pies

Okay, so these aren’t a new release or anything, but Moon Pie is collaborating with NASA to feature Apollo archive content on their website. But let’s be real, it’s all about that marshmallow cookie, right? 

#4: Mars Bars

While these chocolate candy bars can be hard to find at stores in the US, they’re well worth the online order. Other countries sell them as similar to Milky Way bars; however, in the US, they use nougat, chocolate, and almonds, and Ethel M Chocolates recreated this classic 1932 recipe. So while celebrating one small step on the moon and our next step in sending people back, you can also think about a future giant leap to the Red Planet!


#5: Dairy Queen

DQ’s blizzards are legendary for their ability to defy gravity when you flip them upside down in the middle of summer, but these new Zero Gravity Blizzards mix vanilla soft-serve with spacey sprinkles. They’re around for a limited time only!

  • Student Ambassador Katie Mulry

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