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Archive for July 2019

High Altitude Balloon Launch!

Fresh off the incredible Apollo 50th Anniversary, our Back to Space Ambassadors are excited to share with you our next event! On August 10th in Southern California, we will be launching a high-altitude balloon with collect weather data, GoPro footage, and much more.               Headed up by Ambassador Krystal Horton, our team will be traveling…

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5 Foods to Celebrate the Moon Landing

This July is the 50th anniversary of the first time we landed on the moon, and it seems like everyone is celebrating one of mankind’s greatest achievements! Whether it includes honoring the anniversary at an event (like the Kennedy Space Center Gala– that’s where we were!) or at home watching that famous clip of Neil…

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This Month in Zodiac: Cancer

Cancer, Latin for “crab,” is the zodiac sign from June 22-July 22. In Greek myth, Cancer was connected to Hercules, son of Zeus and a mortal woman named Alcmene. Hera, who was Zeus’s wife, hated Hercules and placed a curse on him that ultimately drove him to kill his wife. To make amends, Hercules was…

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