10 Everyday Objects Created by NASA

You may not realize just how big a role space exploration has played in your life. Many of the day-to-day technologies you use were developed by NASA. Here is a list of the top ten coolest things NASA has helped invent!

  1. Dust Busters: During the Apollo missions, astronauts needed a way to collect core samples of the lunar surface using a drill. The computer program for the drill’s motor led to the development of the Dust Buster!
  2. Computer Mouse: Created by a NASA researcher in the 1960s, the computer mouse was made to make computers more interactive.
  3. Memory Foam: This squishy foam was originally intended to improve crash protection on airplanes and was later used in the space shuttle.
  4. Cell phone cameras: NASA created a small but powerful camera that could be used on spacecraft, and this technology is integrated in many cell phones today.
  5. Artificial limbs: NASA’s advancements in robotics and shock-absorption materials have enabled companies to create better prosthesis.
  6. Water filters: NASA’s water filters on the International Space Station are turning waste and sweat into drinkable water. This technology is now also used to kill bacteria in recreational pools.
  7. Solar panels: NASA spacecraft use solar panels to convert solar energy to electricity.
  8. LED lights: The lights were first used in the space shuttle to facilitate plant growth.
  9. Athletic shoes:  These shoes were developed as part of the astronaut’s suits.
  10. Invisible braces: The material “transparent polycrystalline alumina” (TPA) found in invisible braces was first used by NASA for missile tracking!
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