What's It All About?

Back to Space (BTS) is taking edutainment (educating through entertainment) to the next level - outer space. We are a for-profit impact company designed to inspire the next generation to develop an innate love of science, engineering and space.

Back to Space understands that in order to be relevant, our content and experiences must also be entertaining- that is why we are partnering with the best creative talent across the globe.

We are focusing our mission on three projects:

Back to Space was built for a critical mission - taking the next generation to new frontiers, while creating a renewed interest in space for all age groups.

What began as the brainchild of Danielle Roosa, granddaughter of Apollo 14 astronaut Stuart Roosa, has evolved into a movement to honor American heroes, advance educational opportunities, and ignite the explorer in all of us.

Photo: Apollo 14 Astronaut Roosa Undergoes Space Suit Check, NASA/Marshall Space Flight Center



Back To Space is bringing the moon to Texas! We are creating the world’s largest map - a scale model of the moon in Jacksboro, Texas.  A Guinness scale project, the Lunar Landscape Experience will have an explorable map, virtual and augmented reality, software that will see regular updates and a lunar gravity simulator with a timed obstacle course. The Back To Space team is also developing a printer for reproducing the landscape in what will become a Guinness scale print! 

TV Show

In our mission to educate through entertainment, our TV series will blend AMAZING RACE with APOLLO 13.





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